INN WOODPECKER (Bed and Breakfast)
Loreto (AN) Stazione
Viadelcampo (Bed and Breakfast)
Monte San Vito (AN)
WHEAT AND STARS (Bed and Breakfast)
Senigallia (AN) EVE HILL Zone
NEST SWALLOW (Bed and Breakfast)
Senigallia (AN) SANT'ANGELO
B & B HOME AWAY (Bed and Breakfast)
Senigallia (AN) Zone exit
Senigallia (AN) CESANO
GUN BED & BREAKFAST (Bed and Breakfast)
Osimo (AN) SAN BIAGIO Zone campaign
ZARATAN (Bed and Breakfast)
Sirolo (AN) Area Centro
APARTMENT COPPO (Appartament - Short Let)
Sirolo (AN) Area suburbs
Ancona (AN)
Ancona (AN) Area Centro
IN HOUSE OF ART (Bed and Breakfast)
Castelplanio (AN) Area Centro
VILLA GIULIO B & B (Bed and Breakfast)
Monsano (AN)
BED & BREAKFAST Bellafiora (Bed and Breakfast)
DOREMI (Bed and Breakfast)
Osimo (AN) PASSATEMPO Hillstand overview
CATHEDRAL (Appartament - Short Let)
Ancona (AN) Area Centro
THE CENTER (Bed and Breakfast)
Ancona (AN) Area Centro
THE TASTE OF HOME (Bed and Breakfast)
Ancona (AN) Area center
THE FARM BUCOLICHE (Country - Country House)
Osimo (AN) SANTO STEFANO Zone campaign
B & B BY ROBY (Bed and Breakfast)
Corinaldo (AN)
THE HILL ​​(Bed and Breakfast)
Serra San Quirico (AN) Area Centro
Jesi (AN)

Sirolo (AN) Area Centro


The City

"..a Couple of windows reflected stralucente make eyes. Then if a cloud passes, the zebra is changed into a kneeling camel, and expects to see him turn up at any moment, with the canopy of San Ciriaco on hump, the saint who leans dress rajah "(Dino Garrone, Myth Ancona in Smile Etruscan)

* The town is characterized by alternating bands of hills and valleys overlooking the sea, including the Guasco hill on which stands the Cathedral, the Colle dei Cappuccini with Faro, Monte Cardeto with its fortifications immersed in the green park namesake. Further south lies the valley once called Piana degli Orti, today crossed by the three main courses and the Avenue of Victory.
To the south of this valley there is then the second hilly, with Astagno hill, on which stands the Citadel, a green lung within the city. The hill of Santo Stefano, with the Pincio park, Monte Clean, with the headquarters of the Admiralty, Monte Pelago, with the small astronomical observatory, and finally the Monte Santa Margherita, overlooking the sea, occupied in its slopes North Park Passetto. The valley is still in South consists Valley Miano and Piano San Lazzaro, occupied by the district of the same name, the only flat city. Still in the South end of hills peripherals and finally the valley of the Plans of Baraccola [ continue .. ].


#The Universally recognized symbol of the gastronomic traditions of Ancona is the stockfish all'anconetana, celebrated by recurring events during the year and protected by a special academy. Featuring a delicious scent, by a long cooking, by the presence of potatoes in large pieces and a great abundance of wine and olive oil mill.

Mussels and anemones on the backdrop of Portonovo (Ancona).

After the stockfish the other king of the kitchen is the mosciolo from Ancona, local name mussel or mussel, which in these parts do not breed, but fishing on natural reefs. Recently the "mosciolo Portonovo" was recognized as "Product of protected origin". During the summer a show typical of the high coast from Ancona is the large number of people fishing for mussels in apnea, clean them on the shore with tools manufactured by hand, cook them in various ways (you do pasta sauces, prepare breaded grilled, or simply marinara (tarantina), with garlic parsley and lemon, taste them in large tables on the beach with family and friends. [ read more .. ]

Sources: # Wilkipedia

* City of Ancona

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